Pinkerton & Laws is America's Premier-Focused Service Hotel Builder:

  • We Know Hotels: Pinkerton & Laws built its first Hotel over 40 years ago in 1971. Now our hospitality portfolio includes over 34,000 guestroom units, among 300 plus Hotel projects that consist of all of the major franchise brands.
  • We Have the Brand Knowledge: Through decades of building Hotels, we have developed strong relationships with many of the franchise brand managers and are regularly consulted in the research and development of new flag generations and product lines. These relationships are an invaluable resource in working though “issues” that may come into play on your project.
  • Vast Cost Database: Over 3 billion dollars of Hotel estimates on every type of construction allow us to provide unparalleled conceptual pricing you can rely on to know your pro forma will work, and have confidence when speaking with lenders. This allows much quicker delivery times because we can "lock in" the price much sooner than most contractors.
  • Recognized Experts: Our executives are asked to frequently serve on brand and industry panels and speak to their developer and designers. We are the "go to guys” for many brands.