Pinkerton & Laws is a nationally recognized building firm of over 50 professionals offering a full line of Renovation Services. Our structure gives us the ability to provide the high level of expertise, geographic range, and stability of a "large" firm, but also the outstanding personal attention and service of a relationship driven "small" firm.


Construction renovation projects come in all different shapes and sizes. From guest bathroom, hallway carpet, and vinyl wall covering to lobby refreshing to exterior envelope retro fits to name just a few.  Experience and knowledge is the name of the game. Owners expect competitive pricing, timeliness, high guest satisfaction scores, and minimal impact to revenue flow. Our dedicated TEAM of experienced renovators understand the planning, foresight, communication, discipline, and long hours it takes to renovate a Hotel successfully and do so year in and year out.


Today's economic environment presents unique opportunities to re-brand Hotels and drive Rev Par.  Our relationships with the brand franchise sales managers allow for timely answers to your conversion questions. In addition, our TEAM can perform a complete building survey of your Hotel and budget the upgrades required for your brand conversion. Once approved by the franchiser, our services include design, budget confirmation, and turn key renovation services.


Water intrusion and/or mold growth sometimes present themselves over time as chronic problems, other times they occur at the blink of an eye. Pinkerton & Laws has the capability to respond with emergency services to mitigate and investigate the damages and cause. Our in-house water intrusion expert trained and equipped with current technology can investigate the source and outline corrective measures for our TEAM of envelope renovators to implement.


Today's economic environment provides a rare opportunity to purchase well positioned properties in some instances at a deep discount. Pinkerton & Laws is receiving more frequent inquires as to the cost to reposition the property, which most times involves a PIP and other improvements that may not be required by the brand. Clients reach out to us because the expertise we provide in building surveys and budget estimates, which can literally be accomplished in as little as 72 hours. In addition our Clients realize if the purchase moves forward, we have the TEAM and services to implement the design and upgrades economically, efficiently, and with our legendary quality.


Expansion and renovation projects across the United States are incorporating "Green" elements in retail stores. Through this initiative, PL has been involved in the purchasing, coordination and installation of many sustainable elements and have been able to integrate them into other projects throughout our portfolio. One of the mandatory Green Initiatives that many retail stores insist upon is mandatory SWPPP Certification for all Field Superintendents. Their SWPPP guarantees environmental compliance with EPA and also incorporates procedures for air quality control. When renovating and expanding stores like a Wal-Mart Supercenter and a Winn-Dixie Grocery Store, it is completed in phases and requires heavy coordination with operations staff and strict scheduling. The renovation of these types of stores typically includes the remodel of areas which may include pharmacy, customer service, service centers, bakery, deli, and seafood bay, training areas, TLE, tire/battery storage, garden center, rest rooms, photo lab, offices, grocery and vision centers. The majority of the work takes place at night as not to interrupt on-going operation of the store. Many projects take place at 24-hour operational stores that require additional temporary protection and site safety practices to protect customers.


These unique buildings present a rare opportunity and challenge to a renovation specialist. The projects are typically driven by design and Historic Review Boards in an effort to enhance classic and/or vintage buildings adapted to today's highest and best use. Meticulous planning, care, skill, and subcontractor selection must be taken to restore and authenticate existing materials with new material, which many times are adjacent to each other. Pinkerton & Laws has provided renovation services on many award-winning historical buildings.